I have been taking pictures for many years, probably since I was a teenager. Photography was a way I was able to capture the moment that would illustrate a story about it and could take me back to that place. I later moved into video and graphic designing, but found myself mostly taking pictures at church and family events. In 2005 when my daughter was born I took a picture of every moment, not only because she was my daughter, but because she was my miracle baby, and I wanted to capture every milestone of her life. As I look back at everything that I took a photo of from my daughter to nieces and nephews, family events to friends, I saw how passionate I am about photography. I don’t confine myself into a certain genre or niche, as I want to simply cover as many aspects of life as I can. I chose to have illustration in my name because our lives are a story that progress from page to page and chapter to chapter and I strive to illustrate that story through my photos. I believe my photos play a slideshow of the memories of our loved ones here with us today and allow us to remember those that have passed. I am blessed with a great support system in my family and thank them for sacrificing their time and love while I spend countless hours taking photos, traveling, editing and studying. My husband is my assistant photographer to help in the workload and my third Jr assistant, my daughter also helps to fill in when needed.

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