Faith Illustrations: Blog en-us (C) Faith Illustrations (Faith Illustrations) Sun, 19 Apr 2020 18:51:00 GMT Sun, 19 Apr 2020 18:51:00 GMT Faith Illustrations: Blog 91 120 RGV Vipers defeat Northern Arizona Suns Back on March 7, 2020, the Rio Grande Valley Vipers defeated the Northern Arizona Suns 121 to 101 in exciting fashion. Sadly their season came up short and to an end due to Covid-19 and forcing a stay at home shelter ordinance. Thus closing many establishments, including their home, The Bert Ogden Arena. Enjoy the pics from that game.


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Songs & Stories: An Evening with Art Alexakis of Everclear and more “F—k it, I’ll play the hit,” said Art Alexakis as he launched into “Father of Mine.”  This “hit” came halfway through Art’s 30-minute solo set – and after considerable prodding from the 90 or so people in attendance. Since Art was the last of four solo sets, this moment occurred about two hours after the start of the show. By then, the crowd had increased its calls for such “hits,” both as expectations and amounts of alcohol consumption grew. Nonetheless, as Art obliged, the crowd roared back and heartily sang along to one of the songs they had been waiting all night to hear.


Although this was my 3rdtime watching Art Alexakis perform, interestingly enough, it was the first time in a normal music venue setting. The previous two shows watching Everclear were in a Las Vegas casino and at a New Braunfels ice house. Tonight, the time the artists spent on stage would be used to play their lesser known cuts. Without a doubt, 3ten brought on a difference vibe – and I truly enjoyed it. 3ten is a great venue: it’s a small, intimate space with good acoustics and holds maybe 200 people if the doors to the balcony are open. The size prevents too much worry over sightlines, and the bar and restrooms are easily accessible. About 15 minutes before show time, with only 20-30 people present, I worried the intimate venue would be hosting an even smaller crowd. Thankfully though, that number tripled by the time the lights dimmed. 


When a show advertises the lead singers of Everclear, Eve 6, Marcy Playground, and Fountains of Wayne, some level of nostalgia is expected. The evening leaned into that by playing select tunes by other 90’s-era bands before the show: Pearl Jam, Oasis, Soundgarden, Ben Folds Five, Our Lady Peace. Inevitably, this show turned into musing over where each of your favorite bands now were, if they even still existed. The show lent itself to more ruminations, since each frontman was here without a band…and playing in a side venue below one of Austin’s most famous venues and where the iconic Austin City Limits music series is taped. Chris even referenced his performance at ACL over 13, or so, years ago. 



There was no doubt the majority of the crowd came for the “hits,” but hearing each frontman’s songs in a stripped-down, acoustic setting, helped showcase the strength of the songwriting. I never spent much time listening to Marcy Playground – “Sex & Candy” was never on my steady playlist – but hearing some of the deeper cuts in a casual setting, was more than enough to keep me invested in John’s set.I did feel a sense of guilt during Chris’ set since, much like Nada Surf, Fountains of Wayne is one of those bands with a ton of indie-cred, but only predominantly known for their one “hit” – “Stacy’s Mom.” This was evident as the crowd was paying little attention and talking loudly until the opening guitar riff began.


For me, the four-man jams that buffered each solo set were some of the night’s highlights. They played cover songs which included such artists as Tom Petty and R.E.M. and gave the audience a chance to sing along, evoking the feeling of being at backyard party jam session. It was a lot of fun, but I wondered how the night would have played out differently if all four guys stayed on stage throughout the show, taking turns singing solo songs and coverswith the others joining in at their leisure. If it could have been worked out, I think that kind of setup would have been incredibly unique.


Expectedly, about 80% of the crowd left before the encore/q&a. I suppose they had enough “hits” for the night and didn’t have any burning questions or requests for the guys. This portion of the show truly gave the fans an opportunity to connect with the frontmen, with several introspective questions and comments about“this is how your songs changed my life.” The guys were incredibly magnanimous, and took most requests (when they could remember the tunes). This was undoubtedly the climax of the night for anyone that was able to have the mic.



Whether one left before the encore – happy that they heard the “hits,” or stuck around until the end of the night to hear some incredibly deep cuts and long answers and stories to uber-specific questions, it seems everyone got what they hoped for from the evening. In other words, any way you look at it, the showcase was a success. 


Written by: Cesar Lopez

Edited by: Palar Raczkowski

Photographs: Joe Hernandez





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Q Rock Fest Resurrection at the State Farm Arena  

Great show and first time covering a show at the State Farm Arena. Thanks to Adrenaline PR and Saliva's label. Can't wait to cover more there. Check out the coverage.




Puddle of Mudd










Sons of Texas















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Got Faith Concert Series at HEB Park RGV- Skillet, for King & Country and Ledger Thanks to Got Faith Music we were able to cover the joy.Unleashed tour at the HEB Park in Edinburg, TX. It was an awesome event and we really enjoyed the day. To add a cherry on top, our daughter got the last meet and greet band for Jen Ledger and met and talked with her after the show. She let Jen know that she is also a drummer and really enjoyed her performance. Enjoy the set.





for King and Country








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Love Sex & the IRS  

We were able to cover ITheatre's show of Love Sex & the IRS again in Weslaco's Tower Theater. It was another great show. Written by William Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. Thank you Steve Urbina for giving us access to the show.


Enjoy the set.


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2017 Make America Rock Again Tour Thanks to Adrenaline PR, we were able to cover the Make America Rock Again Tour in the HEB Park in Edinburg, TX. It was a great show, enjoy!!







Sick Puppies




Drowning Pool





Scott Stapp




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ITheatre's "Drinking Habits" video Here is the video that we made for ITheatre's "Drinking Habits" promo.




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ITheatre's "Drinking Habits" We were invited to take some photos and video for ITheatre's performance of "Drinking Habits". Won't mention any names, but someone would forget that she was taking pictures and was just laughing away. Here are some pics. 



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Our "UMA" We were finally able to get our hands on a DJI Phantom 4 and welcomed it with open arms and named it "UMA". We have many plans for it and are ready to go. Will post some stuff from a show we were able to cover and the video we did after only flying it twice that was used for a video spot for ITheatre.

UMA being prepped for take off.


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Spring Break 2017 Started the week off right by going down to fish at the Arroyo pier. 


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2016 Vans Warped Tour  


We were able to make it out to this years Vans Warped Tour, and as usual had a great time. Thanks to everyone for letting us cover it again and continuing to present awesome bands. Enjoy our coverage.






Crown The Empire




Falling In Reverse



Four Years Strong




Less Than Jake




The Color Morale




The Interrupters




The Maine




Tonight Alive




We The Kings


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2016 Never Say Never Festival

Thanks to everyone from the Never Say Never Festival. I had a great time and I hope to cover more in the future.







The Devil Wears Prada




Bless The Fall








more to come

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Christmas time is here. Scarlett Arabella and Stormtrooper Lectronwar Our Elf on the Shelf- Scarlett Arabella has found herself a man while scrolling the city, Stormtrooper Lectronwar, who is on his movie release tour.


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ESPN X Games Austin, TX 2015 We took a trip to Austin to check out the ESPN X Games and visit some family on our short vacation. We were only able to go the the X Games for a day so we weren't able to see a lot of the stuff that we wanted to. We will surely make a longer trip for it next year. Here are some pics of the day. Enjoy.













And of course we ended the night with my all time favorite band....





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New toy- Yashica Electro 35 GSN

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Galax Z Fair 3





Great show and thanks to Patrick Garcia at and everyone else that helped make this multi venue event run smoothly. Until Galax Z Fair 4!!!



Jungle Bodies






Perfect Pussy














Speedy Ortiz







Miniature Tigers







Twin Shadow







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Technicolor Hearts Show  


photo courtesy of



Technicolor Hearts show with Sick/Sea, Quiet Kids and Vatican Beach at Simon Sez on January 24, 2014. Thanks to for setting this up and allowing me to have full access to his shows.







Technicolor Hearts















Quiet Kids







Vatican Beach





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South Texas Battle of the Bands  


I was able to cover this year's South Texas Battle of the Bands and had a great time. Thanks to Chrissy Sanchez and everyone at Trinity Worship Center for putting on a great show, until next year!


















Cornerstone Worship Center




Going Up To Jerusalem





Highest Praise Worship






The Infinite





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Halloween at the Riverwalk This year we were at the Riverwalk for Halloween and met some characters out strolling looking for either parties or costume contests. The weather was great for a good walk and stayed the rest of the weekend. Here are some pics. Enjoy








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2013 Vans Warped Tour  

On August 4, 2013 I was able to cover the, which was an awesome experience.  From the first time I went to the Warped tour a couple of years ago and watching bands from the crowd to now being able to have the best seat in the pit by the stage, and to walking by some of the artists back stage, I have come a long way. I would like to thank my wife and daughter for assisting me and putting up with the drive and crazy heat. I would also like to thank Kevin Lyman and everyone behind the scenes at the Warped Tour for continuing to put on a great tour and giving us our photo passes. Hopefully this will be the start to many more tours.  Here are some of the bands that we were able to cover. Until next time.  Joe






Five Knives



Young London




Sleeping With Sirens




Set It Off


2013 Vans Warped Tour
Houston, TX

2013 Vans Warped Tour

Houston, TX

2013 Vans Warped Tour

Houston, TX



Tonight Alive




The Summer Set








Memphis May Fire

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Concert Photography  

First off a quick disclaimer, I am not an English major or that well versed in the art of writing, but I am going to be posting some pictures along with some of my thoughts and other non sense.  Feel free to browse and enjoy.


I have been able to enter into the exciting world of concert photography and I would like to thank Patrick Garcia from for letting me cover some of the concerts that he has brought together. Here are some of the shows that I have covered for him.  Thanks again and until next time.



The Bad Lovers



The King Khan & BBQ Show



Dandy Heat



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2013 Vans Warped Tour - Teaser!! I am currently editing the photos from the 2013 Vans Warped Tour so I decided to drop a little teaser pic for now. Enjoy and check back for the photos. Pictured below is the lead vocalist for the band Set It Off (Cody Carson).


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Dolphins The funny thing when we were at SeaWorld, we visited the dolphin tank and were taking pictures. My hubby decided to put our camera under water for the pictures, well we have he olympus tg-1 and it is grey and silver, so underwater it looked like a fish. As the dolphins would come by, he would put the camera in the water and would attract the dolphins. He would quickly snap pictures as the dolphins lunged at the camera. Here are two of the close photos that he could get without having the camera eaten. 

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